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Kambah, ACT

- .....

Turner, ACT

- I like puzzles because they are fun and affordable. I like complex puzzles to exercise my mind and to have fun, but when I want to have a different kind of fun, I order puzzles that are related to sex. Well, I think about sex all the time, so don't judge me. My sex experiences were all fun, and my soul keeps wanting more. I could probably have sex with someone while solving puzzles.

Canberra, ACT

- Keen to meet up, can host, love having fun :)

Reid, ACT

- Genuine guys for relationship only.

Gungahlin, ACT

- Hmmm, Discretion a must. All you need to know is I want to be fucked, by an Alpha man and/or men. I am focused on my needs, not yours. However, bring me to ecstasy, I will submit to your needs.

Gungahlin, ACT

- I cant remember my login details, so Ive had to recreate an account. Married, discretion is not negotiable. Dont want a relationship I just want to be fucked. Hard.

Spence, ACT

- Hey! I'm 20 I'd consider myself most akin to primal prey and I do prefer kinkier, rougher encounters.

Canberra, ACT

- Hello, My name is Jessica. However, When I am in charge it is Mistress Sapphire. A little about myself: I am a pre op trans woman (yes, born male), saving up for surgery ever so slowly. However until such a time I prefer what I do have to be called a clit, and I do not accept it being called anything else. And will be met with a swift ignoring of you. I am also in the midst of slowly replacing many toys, fetish clothing and equiptment after a rather unfortunate incident. I am currently unable to host events at this time as I am also looking for a new place. Personal favourites of mine include, pain, temperature play, pet play, breath play, sensory deprevation, feminisation, restraints, slave and general submission, I am expanding my knowledge to include kinbaku, findom, cfnm and age play I do enjoy receving oral, anal and giving orgasm tortute and more. You are welcome to send me a message, however note that if you intend to submit to me you will address as Mistress Sapphire

Acton, ACT

- Things you should know about me: - I play sports such as volleyball, table tennis, badminton. I've even tried basketball. - I make a wish when I see a shooting star. - I do journal after reading interesting books at night. - I soak myself in a tub for half hour or so.

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